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Misunderstandings in the Installation of Solar Street Lights

The solar street lights depend on the solar panels to maintain their illuminating, however, some installation workers do not know the solar street lights and they install them randomly, which cause the uncharged of little charge of the solar panel, and the solar street lights cannot work or just work for a short time. Some improper installation methods are concluded, and we should avoid those problems.
1. The solar street lights are installed in the places where have many shelters, which cause low efficient of the charge of the solar panels.
For example, the shelters like leaves or buildings keep out the sunshine, which influence the absorbance and utilization of the solar energy.
2. There is other light source around the solar panel, which cause the charge voltage of the solar panel is over the light-operated voltage, so the solar street light cannot give out light. For example, when the night comes, other light around the solar street light will give out light, which may misguide the solar panel that it is in the daytime, and the controller will control the light not to illuminate.
3. The angle of the solar street light is not installed in the right way, which causes low charge efficient of the solar panel.
The right adjusting of the angle of the solar street light should follow the principle: the charge efficient will be the highest if the solar panel is under the impact of the direct sunlight. The lean angle of the solar panel should take the local latitude as reference, and the lean angle of the solar panel is equal to the latitude. The angle of the solar panel is quite essential in the installation of solar street light in different places.