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Introduction of the Power Generation System of the Solar Street Lights

A system is composed by several parts, and so is the solar street light, which is composed by various components. And the safety, reliability, high efficiency and long service time all depends on the normal work of all components.

15W Solar LED Street Light

 The power generation system of the solar street light is composed by the lamppost, support, accumulator, battery box, photovoltaic module, controller, light source, wire, embedded ground cage, PB cube, and nuts. The safe DC voltage of 12V or 24V is applied, and there is no need for the 220V AC voltage, which is an independent low-voltage system, which is safe and convenient, no matter in the installation process or later maintenance. The working process of the power generation system of the solar street light is that the solar energy shines on the photovoltaic module in the sunny days, and the silicon atom transforms the light energy into electric energy, which is stored inside the accumulator through the controller, when the night approaches or on the set working time, the street light will begin to work, and the stored electrical energy can be output to the LED light source through the controller. The power will be cut off in the set time of turning off. And the other day, the system will work repetitively when there is sunshine. However, it is impossible that everyday is sunny, so a certain days of rainy or cloudy are set before to make the street light can work normally even if there is no sunshine.

The solar street light system is simple, but with high technology. The simple structure makes the installation and later maintenance easy, which save a lot of cost, and those who do not know the technology can take part in the installation.